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What calibers can you build an AR-15?

Jun 19th 2020

What calibers can you build an AR-15?

The AR-15 is great for its interchangeable design, which we cannot stress enough. It makes for some of the most unique combinations, and for many, it is a firearm that people can really call their own. And why not? With all the work that goes into making them one of a kind, of course they are great options.

One of the most highly customizable parts of the platform is its caliber type, which can be switched to fit whatever your heart desires. Here are some of the main calier types you can strap on to the AR-15 and its variants.

The Standard AR-15 comes in .223 rem/ 5.56 NATO. They are relatively interchangeable, but it is not really safe to shove a 5.56 NATO down a .223 barrel, due to the pressure differentials. However, You can also fit on your AR-15 platform, the .300blk caliber which is great for pistol length barrels. Originally designed for the M4A1, the.300 Blackout is a formidable contender against the 7.62x39 cartridge, standard in AK47s. The .300blk is seen as an all around defense round.

Since it is shooting a .223 rem cartridge in its standard state, it can also be chambered for .22LR with a simple conversion kit that comes with a new bolt and a magazine to fit the magwell.

The AR-10 takes the AR-15 and makes it bulkier in order to take even bigger cartridges. The main caliber for the AR-10 is the .308 Win which is an excellent choice for hunting, especially when hunting hogs.

However, it does not stop there. You can outfit your AR-10 with 6.5 Grendel, Creedmoor, and the fabled .50 Beowulf.

The AR-9 is built for the 9mm cartridge. It is a piston powered system which functions

A little differently than the standard gas system. However, you can also get the 9mm/ .45 caliber in the standard AR-15 variant.

The options are pretty much endless, and with Thunder Tactical, you build your dream AR-15