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What is a forward assist used for?

Posted by Jordan Ortiz on Mar 31st 2021

The forward assist is a fail safe for the bcg. When a seizure is caused by dirt build up in the cavity where the bolt carrier group resides, the forward assist, when pressed, pushes at little notches carved in the bolt carrier to push it forward enough to be in battery. From this position firing the rifle again should help the bolt maneuver as normal. The forward assist again, is made for instances of intense combat, where field stripping the rif...
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What is the AR-15 dust cover used for?

Posted by Michael Peters on Mar 31st 2021

The dust cover on the AR-15 is a little door hinged to the ejection port with the purpose of protecting the bolt from getting dirty over time. During intense combat, the door would need to be open to allow the empty cartridges to eject from the chamber, which is why the dust cover was mainly effective during downtime while the murky, muddy nature of the environment could still be a detriment to the function of the rifle....

​How Often should I clean my AR-15?

Aug 4th 2020

The AR-15 is a great rifle for anything you might need it for. It is popular for it’s modular design and lightweight feel and handling. It almost seems lie there is nothing this rifle can’t do. However, one thing many people don’t talk about is how easy it is to clean these rifles. How often does it need to be done, what are the best tools? Thats all answered right here.How often should you clean your AR-15? That depends really on how much you g...
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